No Cake Zone! Skincare story and current routine.

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I want to start with my skin care routine because that's something I am really proud of. I came so far with my skin but first, let me tell you about my skin.
I know this is a long story that I am about to tell but there's a point to it. You can scroll down and directly jump to the products that I am talking about if you are not a reader but I wanted to start this blog to be genuine and help people.
I get so many compliments on my skin nowadays and nobody knows the mental and psychical struggle I went through to get here. I know so many people going through skin problems and they look at me saying that they want a skin like mine but never know that I was just like them not so long ago... and these tips I will share with you are not clinically proven or might not be good for your skin type! But this worked for me! 
My skin was great my whole life till I was fourteen, my skin got really bad. I would say I spent thousands of dollars on acne products, lasers, peels, medications and none of them cured my acne or they couldn't find a specific reason why I was getting acne. So I started to put on make up because I started feel insecure about my skin. I would literally wake up and first thing I would do would be taking a shower and put my foundation on. You would never be able to see me without my foundation on.. till I met Chris. Chris kept telling my I am prettier without it. He was not saying it to say it! It was so genuine that I thought he thinks I am ugly with make up on! I always felt like I had to do make up to look like a woman otherwise I wouldn't feel pretty enough. I thought people would think I don't take care of myself. Well, Chris was the opposite! He told me to stop wearing make up from day one. It was making me sad because that's one way I felt confident about my skin and now my boyfriend thinks I am prettier without it? Honestly at some point I realized he was loving me more than I loved myself.. I am really confident but in an insecure way? Like I know I have imperfections and I am really self conscious about them but also I wouldn't want to be somebody else.. Do you know what I mean? Well, It took me couple of months to decide to give a try to go with no make up look. Trust me I know how hard it is to change your habits with your appearance. It was my comfort zone but deep down I knew I needed to change I was just scared.
My skin is karma skin type. I get really oily at some areas while some areas would get really dry.. So whatever product I use, even if it's for karma skin type I would either get super oily or super dry..
Quick note: both of my mom and dad had no struggle with acne in their lifetime, both have great skin that my mom never used foundation in her life.  
So I've been using these acne products ( washing gels, toners, creams etc. etc.) since fourteen. Since this whole acne problem started and I was hooked on these products because I thought my skin will get horrible if I would use any product that is not for acne! It was really scary to purchase any products contain oil in it, I thought my pimples and skin will get more irritated and my skin would get out of control! But this was my worst mistake in my life. I don't know if this is a trick of these acne prone products but it never got better for me. There was always coming more and more and it would clear up for one or two days and they would come back if I would clean my face with something else just once! So my face was literally hooked up on these products that I couldn't travel without them full size products I couldn't even stay at a friends house without having them with me because next thing I know I will wake up with a little pimple over here, little pimple over there. And this situation cost me my happiness, my confidence and lastly, cost me lots of money and I was getting nowhere!
I was lucky enough to realize I was actually punishing my skin while I thought I was treating it for good but she was screaming at me, STOP!
Couple years ago, around the same time I got together with my husband I started to be more aware about the products I buy, use and support. I tried to stop my habit buying anything excessive ( a product somebody told me to buy, a product I thought the packaging cute etc. ) and I started to look into the blogs / IG / youtube people that are sharing their genuine experience other than paid ads. And again I am mentioning the brands that I will mention are the brands I've been using for a year or two now ( that I've been paying to buy ) and I am not getting paid or free products to talk about them on here now. All the products that I am using in my cabinet right now for my skin and hair are only VEGAN, CRUELTY-FREE products.
First, I stopped drinking Milk because I realised that I am not a baby cow and all those hormones I was consuming is not necessary for me since I am an adult human being. I also figured it's way more tasty to drink Almond milk or Coconut milk, my current fav is Oat milk.
Secondly, I stopped using Acne-Prone Skin products. I let them all go!
I started look for natural treatments and dig deep and found through my ancestors. I made my own mix of a mask saved my life, it so much benefits this ONE MASK THAT WILL BE MY SIGNATURE PRODUCT FOR MY FUTURE UPCOMING SKINCARE! This method is THE BEST EVER I TRIED IN MY LIFE!!! ) It is antibacterial and anti inflammatory! You can even eat it or use external is both so much beneficial for your health! I give you couple days till your face clear up and thank me later! 
CAFFEINE, yes caffeine is really bad for my skin. Maybe because I used to be a heavy caffeine consumer i seen it doing things to my skin, not much of pimples but like an irritation on my forehead. My skin was stressing as much as I got jittery from drinking it. I only used DECAF products for a while ( till it got better ) and now I am not going to lie that I never drink regular coffee here and there but I try to keep it decaf 75% of the time. ( sipping on my Rose black bubble tea right now.. Oh well, do as I say not as I do! )
Derma-e Anti Wrinkle Cleanser
Eminence Bright Skin Liquorice Root Booster-Serum
Eminence Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil
Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant with Lactic Acid
Eminence Stone Crop Hydrating Mist
Eminence Lime Stimulating Masque
Osea Blemish Balm
Osea Sea Vitamin Boost
Muddy Clay Masks
Aztec Secrets Indian Healing Clay Mask
Farsali Unicorn Antioxidant Primer Serum
Farsali Rose Gold Elixir
There are some products that I also add on my list that I am sharing them below.
DERMA-E Purifying Daily Detox Scrub
Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate ( this has been my fav for last 8 years )
METTA Intensive Replenshing Face Balm
And yes,
these products are on the expensive side. Definitely not on the price range that you can compare with drug store products also you can't find these on your drug store or whatever regular store because these products are good for you :)
It's available online and you can possibly find them at some beauty spas. But let me tell you this, these products worth every penny and they go for so long! 
I religiously only use these brands on my skin.
-I only gently wash my face with least product in the morning with Derma-E Anti Wrinkle Cleanser and some days i only wash my face with water with no products!
-Next thing I do is mist my face with Osea Sea Vitamin Boost. 
-If I feel like my skin is irritated from cleaning I put Eminence Liquorice Root Serum just little dotes on my cheeks and gently rub all over my face.
-I always moisture my skin with Osea or Khiel's moisturiser right after cleaning my face and neck.
-I occasionally use Farisali oils because sometimes they feel heavy on my skin and I don't like it when they get to my hair but I can't ignore the fact they give a healthy glow.
-Sometimes I put a mascara on and sometimes I don't.
-I always clean my face gently when I get home! and just put moisturiser on it.
-I clean my face right before bed as last thing I do with either Derma-E Daily Detox Scrub or Derma-E Anti Wrinkle Cleanser.
-If I am not lazy I use Witch Hazel as a toner :)
-I spray a mist of choice all over my face.
-This time i use an oil of choice. I use either the Eminence Firming Oil or Khiel's Midnight recovery. I think both does the same thing for my skin.
-If I am not scared to go in with sleeping with a moist face, I go with Metta Replenishing Face Balm. 
-I occasionally use some retinol for my skin.
I rarely mask for my skin. I never really feel so much difference on my maskings but after trying hundreds of masks so far I found Eminence masks and Muddy Mask the best so I am dropping those above for the people who are more like to do masks in their routine! Also I find Aztec Secrets Indian Healing Clay Mask really good for body use!
Please comment below your feedback on my first blog post! 
Also let me know if my tips and products worked for you!
"Living well and beautifully and justly are all one thing"


  • Hey Ily! Thanks so much for your honesty♡ nobody is perfect and our skin is sometimes so hard to control. I also have been using eminence skin care and I do love it, but I feel like my skin didn’t change as much as I was hoping it would. I have currently been using this product directly made from this chick, @mindfulearthme (on insta) and her CBD face line and it is absolutely amazing. Also, it all has different oils in it too, which at first I was scared to use, but it truly is a lifesaver for my skin! You are truly beautiful no matter what and my husband was the same way when we met, he absolutely hated when I wore makeup (and still does) lol. And i agree, we are much more our true selves without it and natural beauty speaks true. ♡ all love

  • Ever since I saw your post about these products I was curious how they would work with my skin. I tried a few of Derma-E products and I am still using them because I am impressed by how good the Brand worked. I can say it is the first time that a product changed my skin – in a good way. My skin feels better and it looks more smooth now than it did before. Thank you Ily for sharing you’re experience.

  • I did screenshot this whole page when you first shared it, I’m glad I did because the website was down for a while! LOL. I’ve been also dealing with problematic skin since childhood and I was very desperate. I purchased some of the products that I believed I needed months ago and wanted to give a try to your routine and WOW! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE! I CAN’T BE MORE THANKFUL ILY!!

  • Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed your insight and knowledge in regards to product and regiment. I love Eminence and use a lot of Neuocutis which is a Swiss company that incorporates growth hormones (it was originally used for burn victims). I’ve never tried Ósea but I’m intrigued by the Derma- e cleanser you recommend. :)


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